Zelda 4 Swords Adventures,

I bought Zelda 4sword game cube, and try for an hour this noon.

First, I played onto the story mode, that allow 4 players hunting monsters and sort of jewels that make the sword mighter ; the gameplay, is very interesting, because that inside houses or caves we play on the GameBoy, and outside we play on the GC screen. that 's the difference between 4Swords GC and GBA.

there is another game mode, the deathmatch, I dont like deathmatch, i think it's more funny to kill monsters than a human player. but, I fouond that mode very funny with the same gameplay as cooperative-mode, we can open trap, use many objects, and also kill monsters in an arena. :)

...this post remind me that I must write an article for the Zelda website I admin :p
小宇,你和我玩吗?Zelda 还是围棋。

Zelda Game boy & GameCube are copyrighted by Nintendo

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